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           Snapshot™ Portable Data Collectors

vibration analyzer  Snapshot IS – A New Intrinsically Safe Data Collector
vibration analyzer           Bently Nevada is pleased to announce the latest addition to our Snapshot family of portable data collection and analysis products – Snapshot IS. As the name implies, Snapshot IS is Intrinsically Safe and carries CENELEC ATEX Directive II 1G Eex ia IIC T4 approvals, allowing it to be used in areas where flammable atmospheres may be present without the need for a special "hot work" permit.

vibration analyzer  Snapshot CE – Enhanced to Include Ethernet Connectivity, Acceleration Enveloping, and More
vibration analyzer          Snapshot for Windows? CE is Bently Nevada's most powerful and capable portable data collector, designed for users who require maximum functionality, multiple measurement channels (two plus phase), and who do not require an intrinsically safe instrument. It's the perfect balance of power and portability, and we are continually enhancing it for even more capability and convenience. We've recently enhanced this instrument with important new capabilities for added flexibility, power, and ease of use. Check out these recent improvements:
   vibration analyzer Ethernet Connectivity
   vibration analyzer Acceleration Enveloping
   vibration analyzer New Cursor Tools
   vibration analyzerTrendmaster® system configuration/testing capabilities
   vibration analyzer Log/dB Scaling


SCOUT 100 SCOUT 140 Snapshot IS

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