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Cores and Components
  FLIR Systems markets a full product line for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
that want to incorporate the power of thermal imaging in their own products.

      FLIR Systems uses Core by Indigo products in virtually all of its application areas: vehicle vision systems; security & surveillance; maritime, and law enforcement. In addition, many of our cores and components are sold directly to OEM customers as brochure products. FLIR's Commercial Vision Systems headquarters facility located in Santa Barbara, CA supports: - A world-class readout integrated circuit (ROIC) design center - High-volume production of infrared detectors, sensors, and cameras.

Uncooled Cores Uncooled Cores
FLIR Systems recently launched Tau. A new thermal imaging core that consumes very little power and produces crisp thermal images of 320 x 240 pixels.
Tau and Photon thermal imaging cores have been especially designed for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). They can be easily integrated into systems that require an advanced, uncooled thermal imaging solution.
Cooled Cores Cooled Cores
FLIR offers a full line of uncooled and cooled infrared sensors and component products under the ''Core by Indigo'' brand. FLIR's volume detector fabrication capability, ROIC development, OEM packaging and program management can provide you with the highest quality sensors at the lowest cost, and supported by some of the most respected experts in the industry.
Thermal Imaging Components Components
Core by Indigo product offerings include readout integrated circuits, focal plane arrays, packaged sensor assemblies and Detector-Dewar-Cooler-Assemblies (DDCAs). 

For short and mid wave infrared arrays our components include 320 x 256, 640 x 512, and 1K x 1K format detectors.
Standard readout integrated circuit (ROIC) products include two-dimensional arrays in multiple formats for a variety of detector materials.
Linear ROICs are offered in two formats, for photo diodes or for x-ray detectors.
Custom Infrared Solutions Custom Solutions 
The core competence of FLIR Systems, Indigo Operations is our ability to densely integrate high-performance analog and digital functionality on a single full-custom CMOS integrated circuit. This unique capability offers tremendous leverage in many applications
Carthage Carthage video board
Advanced video processing modules for high-end integrators and applications

The Carthage series imaging modules are dedicated to system integrators that want to develop their own thermal imaging application. The Carthage imaging modules are extremely robust and compact. They provide crisp, live images for a wide variety of applications including small airborne gimbals, thermal cameras and multi-sensor systems, instrumentation, handheld night vision systems and many other thermal imaging applications.
Vilga Vilga video tracker
The VILGA video processor offers video tracking from multiple video sources installed in the optical payload. Targets are highlighted and overlaid on screen during tracking.

The user can select a given target amongst several proposed by the tracker. Selecting and engaging a target in tracking mode is made by the user from the hand grip controller. Once engaged the video tracker will drive the turret to the target.

* 30 Hz NTSC or 25 Hz PAL available. Subject to approval of the US Department of Commerce for use outside the USA.

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