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Thermal Camera for Moving Targets

• Now with 50Hz (PAL)/ 60Hz (NTSC) frame rate for inspecting moving targets
• New 3.1 Mega pixels Integrated visual camera with lamp
• Advanced laser function helps to spot the measuring object more precisely
• Text and Voice annotations function allows user to add notes/ remarks to the IR image.
• Picture-in-picture : thermal image overlay over the corresponding visual image for easy
  identification and interpretation
• Panoramic Image Stitching function allows user to take multiple pictures of a scene
  and stitch together to create a panoramic view.
• Periodic Save as Thermal JPEG image & Onscreen Thumbnail image gallery
• Large 3.5" Color Touch-screen LCD
• Lightweight (0.88 kg only)
• Wide options of Interchangeable lens

Added functions to FLIR T390 includes:
Panoramic Image Stitching
       FLIR T390 infrared camera offers new capabilities which allows its operator to capture multiple pictures of a scene and then stitch these images together to create a panoramic view. A live preview feature assists the stacking and aligning of images, while special algorithms automatically configure the various combined pictures to eliminate any discrepancies in image composite size and
brightness. The result is accurate panoramic mosaicing in high resolution.

FLIR QuickPlot/ ResearchIR software
       An USB connection allows for full 16-bit radiometric infrared image streaming from FLIR T390 to your personal computer. Images can be easily viewed and managed using the latest FLIR QuickPlot/ ResearchIR software, a powerful Windows-based package that provides detailed, precision analysis and measurement tools for capturing, recording, and studying high speed thermal events.

Periodic Save
       To record periodically, FLIR T390 can be preset to capture and save frames at designated time intervals. To do so, the operator simply needs to allocate the time interval between the frames, which can range from one picture every ten seconds to an image every 24 hours.

FLIR T390 Technical Specifications
Imaging Performance
Field of View (FOV) / Close Focus Limit 25°x19° / 0.4 m  
Thermal sensitivity (NETD) < 0.08°C @ +30°C / 80 mK
Detector Type Focal Plane Arrany (FPA) microbolometer
IR resolution 320 x 240 pixels
Spectral range 7.5 to 13 µm
Digital zoom & pan 1-8X continuous/auto & manual focus
Frequency 50Hz (PAL), 60Hz (NTSC)
IFOV 1.36 mrad
Imaging Performance / Image Presentation
Image modes IR image, visual image, MPEG4 video, thermal fusion, picture in
picture, thumbnail gallery (in camera)
Thermal Fusion IR image shown above, below or within temperature interval on
visual image
Picture in Picture Resizable, movable IR area on visual image
Display Built-in touch screen, 3.5 inch LCD
Video lamp Yes
Visible light camera resolution 2048 x 1536 (3.1 megapixels)
Object temperature ranges –20°C to +120°C, 0?C to +350°C
(High temperature options up to +1200°C)
Accuracy ±2°C or ±2% of reading
Measurement modes 5 Spotmeters, 5 Box areas, Isotherm, Auto hot/cold spot
Set-up controls Color palettes : BW, BW inv, Iron, Rain, RainHC, Bluered
Set-up commands: Local adaptation of units, language, date and
time formats
Measurement corrections Reflected ambient temperature and emissivity correction
Image Storage
Digital storage/capacity Standard JPEG, including measurement data, on memory card
(1000+ images)
Image storage mode & formats IR/visual images, simultaneous storage of IR and visual images,
all standard JPEG
Panorama Image For creating panorama images in FLIR Reporter Building
software (optional)
Periodic image storage Every 10 seconds up to 24 hours
Laser LocatIR?
Laser alignment Activated by dedicated button, position is automatic displayed
on the IR images
Power Source
Battery Li Ion, 4 hours operating time
Battery operating time 4 hours +
Charging system In camera (AC adapter or 12V from a vehicle) or 2-bay charger
Power management Automatic shutdown and sleep mode (user selectable)
Operating temperature range -15°C to +50°C
Storage temperature range -40°C to +70°C
Humidity 95% relative humidity +25°C to +40°C non condensing
Encapsulation Camera housing and lens: IP 54 (IEC 60529)
Bump 25G, IEC 60068-2-29
Vibration 2G, IEC 60068-2-6
Physical Characteristics
Weight 0.88 kg
Size (L xW x H) 106 x 201 x 125 mm
Tripod mounting UNC 1/4" - 20
USB (cable included) Image transfer to PC

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