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The professional thermographers choice

      Over the last years, more and more predictive maintenance
professionals have become aware of the advantages of using
infrared cameras in their predictive maintenance programs.
As a result, the market for infrared has grown considerably.
      As the world leader in infrared camera systems, FLIR Systems
has designed and produced the ultimate infrared camera,
based on the needs and wishes expressed by its customers.
      The result is FLIR Systems ThermaCAM? P65: the perfect
choice for maintenance professionals who realize that infrared
imaging and measurement can save their companies millions
each year. The P65 features everything you need to make
well-informed maintenance decisions.

Outstanding image quality
Precision non-contact temperature measurement
Visual and thermal imaging
Text and voice annotation
Bluetooth technology
Ergonomic, lightweight and portable
Wireless communication
High speed image download
Fully radiometric JPEG storage
Burst and AVI recording
Software for professional inspection reporting

      The ThermaCAM P65 is a powerful infrared inspection system, ergonomically designed to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the professional thermographer.
      Find out what you can do with the ThermaCAM P65, and discover that this is the new standard for infrared cameras.

Easier and quicker inspections thanks to new powerful and useful features

      The operator can set a maximum temperature in the camera. If the P65 is pointed to an object and this temperature is exceeded, the camera will produce an audible and/or visible alarm.

      Calculates the temperature difference between measurement points directly in the field.

      The camera will automatically indicate the temperature and the position of the hottest spot in the image.

      Useful when scanning moving targets such as motors, conveyor belts, ... The camera can record up to 35 seconds
of video in an AVI-file. This AVI-file can be replayed in the camera or on a PC for further analysis.

      The camera can store up to 30 seconds of voice comment with each image. A Bluetooth connection allows for wireless
connection between the camera and the earpiece with integrated microphone. The wireless earpiece eliminates all cable
connections between the operator and the camera, increasing operator safety.

      No need to re-set all your preferred camera settings one by one if a colleague has used the camera. You can easily upload
your own favorite camera settings (color palettes, spots or areas, ...).

      From now on, you do not need to introduce all fields in the text comments boxes over and over again. Just copy the text
comments from one image to another and change only what needs to be changed.

      Tailor your color palettes to your applications and upload them in the camera.

FLIR P65 Technical Specifications
Imaging Performance
Field of view/min focus distance 24°x18° /0.3 m (with 35 mm lens)
Spatial resolution (IFOV) 1.3 mrad
Thermal sensitivity @ 50/60Hz 0.08°C at 30°C
Image frequency 50/60 Hz non-interlaced
Electronic zoom function 2, 4, 8, interpolating
Focus Automatic or manual
Digital image enhancement Normal and enhanced
Detector type Focal Plane Array (FPA), uncooled microbolometer 320 x 240 pixels
Spectral range 7.5 to 13 µm
Imaging Performance
Video output RS170 EIA/NTSC or CCIR/PAL composite video, IEEE-1394 FireWire DV-output
Viewfinder Built-in, high-resolution color LCD (TFT)
External display 4 LCD with integrated remote control
Built-in digital video 640 x 480 pixels, full color
Temperature ranges -40°C to +500°C, (+40°F to +932°F), in 2 ranges
Up to +1500°C (2732°F) or +2000°C (3632°F), optional
Accuracy (% of reading) ±2°C, ±2% of reading
Measurement modes Spot/manual (up to 10 movable), automatic placement and reading
of max. and min. temperature within area.
Area (circle (5) and/or box (5), movable), isotherm (2), line profile, Delta T
Emissivity correction Variable from 0.1 to 1.0 or select from listings in pre-defined material list
Reflected ambient temperature

Automatic, based on input of reflected temperature

External optics/window correction Variable from 0.1 to 1.0 or select from listings in pre-defined materials list
Image Storage
Type Removable CompactFlash (256 MB) memory card; built-in Flash memory
(50 images); built-in (128 MB) RAM memory for burst and AVI recording
File format Standard JPEG; 14 bit thermal measurement data included
Voice annotation of images Automatic, based on input of optics/window transmission and temperature
System Status Indicator
LCD display Shows status of battery and storage media. Indication of power,
communication and storage modes.
Power Source
Battery type Li-Ion, rechargeable, field-replaceable
Battery operating time 2 hours continuous operation
Charging system In camera (AC adapter or 12V from car) or 2 bay intelligent charger
External power operation AC adapter 110/220 VAC, 50/60Hz or 12V from car
(cable with standard plug optional)
Power saving Automatic shutdown and sleep mode (user-selectable)
Field of view/min focus distance 7°X5.3°/4 m (with 122 mm lens)
12°X 9°/1.2 m (with 71 mm lens)
45°X 34°/0.1 m (with 18 mm lens)
80°X 60°/0.1 m (with 9 mm lens)
200°m close-up (64 mm X 48 mm/150 mm)
100°m close-up (34 mm X 25 mm/80 mm)
50°m close-up (15 mm X 11 mm/19mm)
18°m close-up (6 mm X 4 mm/7mm)
Lens identification Automatic
LCD Display Shows status of battery and storage media. Indication of power,
communication and storage modes
Classification Class 2
Type Semiconductor AlGaInP Diode Laser: 1mW/635 nm red
Type Li-Ion, rechargeable, field replaceable
Operating time 2 hours continuous operation
Charging system in camera (AC adapter or 12 V from car) or 2 bay intelligent charger
External power operation AC adapter 110/220 V AC, 50/60 Hz or 12 V from car
(cable with Std plug: optional)
Power saving Automatic shutdown and sleep mode (user selectable)
Automatic shutdown and sleep mode (user selectable)
Operating temperature range -15°C to +50°C (5°F to 122°F)
Storage temperature range -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
Humidity Operating and storage 10% to 95%, non-condensing
Encapsulation IP 54 IEC 529
Shock Operational: 25G, IEC 68-2-29
Vibration Operational: 2G, IEC 68-2-6
Weight 2.0 kg incl. battery and top handle (includes remote control, LCD, video
camera and laser) 1.4 kg excluding battery and remote control with LCD
Size 100mm X 120mm X 220 mm (3,9X4,7X8,7) camera body
Tripod mounting 1/4 - 20
FireWire IEEE-1394 FireWire output (DV only)
USB / RS-232 Image (thermal and visual), measurement, voice and text transfer to PC
IrDA Wireless communication
Remote control Top carrying handle with video camera, Laser LocatIR and LCD

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