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visible-light cameras

detection and situational awareness

Network-Ready Pan-Tilt, Multi-Sensor Thermal Security Cameras

      PT-Series thermal security cameras let you see intruders and other threats to your facilitys security clearly in total darkness and in bad weather. The PT-Series precision pan/tilt mechanism gives operators accurate pointing control while providing fully programmable scan patterns, radar slew-to-cue, and slew-to-alarm functionality.

      Fully enabled for control and operation over digital and serial networks, PT-Series thermal cameras are available in 160 x 120, 320 x 240, and high-resolution 640 x 480 formats, providing up to sixteen times the image clarity and longer threat detection range performance than lower resolution thermal cameras. Multi-sensor configurations also include a day/night 36x zoom color CCD camera on the same pan/tilt package.

Crisp thermal images choice of image quality
The user can choose for a version equipped with an uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) microbolometer producing crisp images of 640 x 480 pixels. Users that do not need this image quality can choose for a 320 x 240 pixels version. Models with a 160 x 120 pixels detector are also available. More pixels allow the user to see more detail and to detect more and smaller objects. Advanced internal camera software delivers a crisp image without the need for user adjustments. It provides high quality thermal imaging in any night- or daytime environmental conditions.

Precise Pan/Tilt mechanism
All PT-Series thermal imaging cameras are installed on a precision pan/tilt mechanism. It allows the user to rotate the camera 360° continuously and to tilt it +90° or -90°. This drastically increases situational awareness. The Pan/Tilt has 128 preset postions. Ideal if you want to scan an area continuously.

Radar Connection Slew to cue
The PT-Series can be connected by the integrator to a radar system. If the radar detects an object, the PT-Series will automatically turn in the right direction and give you a visual image so that you can instantly see what the blip on the radar screen really means.

Daylight camera
All versions are equipped with a long range daylight/low light camera. The video output of the thermal imaging and daylight/low light camera are simultaneously available. The daylight camera offers an 36x optical zoom.

Digital Detail Enhancement
The PT-Series provide high contrast imagery optimized to get the most out of video analytics software. Digital Detail Enhancement ensures clear, properly contrasted thermal images in all weather conditions.

Excellent range performance
Equipped with a 100 mm lens, the PT-304 is designed for mid-range security and surveillance applications. The PT-304 has a 4° field of view. With the PT-304 you will be able to detect a man-sized target at a distance of over 2 km.

Easy to use
Equipped with an athermal lens, all PT-Series are able to maintain focus no matter what the environmental temperature is. There is no need for user adjustments.

Designed for use in harsh environments
The PT-Series are extremely rugged systems. Their vital core is well protected, IP66 requirements, against dust and water ingress.

Exchangeable camera cassettes
Exchangeable camera cassettes allow for quick upgrade or repair of sensors and optics. There is no need to send your camera back to the factory if you want to upgrade to better image quality or more range performance. This can easily be done in the field.

IP control
The PT-Series can be integrated in any existing TCP/IP network and controlled over a PC. No additional cables are required. Using this configuration, you can monitor all activity over the network, even when you are thousands of kilometers away.

Serial control interface
Simply connect the PT-Series over RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 to a remote control panel. Pelco D or Bosch commands are used for common functions. A video cable can be connected to any existing multi-function display that accepts composite video.

Video Streaming
Multiple channels of streaming digital video are available in H.264, MPEG-4, or M-JPEG formats. Simultaneous digital and composite video output is possible.

FLIR Sensors Manager
Each PT-Series camera comes with a single sensor copy of FLIR Sensors Manager. This intuitive software allows users to manage and control a PT-Series camera in a TCP/IP network.

Technical specifications
Detector type Focal Plane Array (FPA), uncooled Vanadium Oxide microbolometer
Spectral range 7.5 to 13µm
Thermal sensitivity 85 mK at 25°C
Image frequency 25 Hz or 7.5Hz
Focus Focus free, athermal lens
Image processing Automatic Gain Control (AGC), Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)
Built-in digital video 1/4 Exview HAD CCD
Effective pixels 380.000
Standard lens performance FOV: 57.8° (H) to 1.7° (H) f=3.4mm (wide) to 122.4 mm (tele), F1.6 to F4.5
Optical zoom 36x
Electronic zoom 12x
Az Range; Az velocity 360° continuous, 0.1 to 70°/sec max.
El Range; El velocity +/- 90°, 0.1 to 30°/sec. Max.
Programmable presets 128
System features
Automatic heater Clears ice from windows
Image presentation
Video output PAL thermal and visible - NTSC thermal and visible
Video over Ethernet Two independent channels of streaming MPEG-4, H.264, or M-JPEG
Requirements 24 VAC (20-30 VAC) 24 VDC (21-30 VDC)

24 VAC:40 VA nominal, 172 VA max w/heater
24 VDC:30 W nominal,162 W max w/heater

Environmental specification
Operating temperature range -40°C to +55°C
Storage temperature range -50°C to +85°C
Encapsulation IP66
Shock IEC 60068-2-27
Vibration Mil-Std-810F
Physical characteristics
Camera Weight 16.4 kg
Camera Size (L x W x H) 348 mm x 467 mm x 326 mm
Shipping weight (camera + packaging) 20.4 kg
Shipping size (camera + packaging) (L x W x H) 589 mm x 492 mm x 386 mm
RS-485 Yes
RS-422 Yes
RS-232 Yes
Pelco D Yes
Bosch Yes
Standard package
Thermal imaging camera, operator manual
PT-Series: version specific specifications
Sensor resolution 160 x 120 320 x 240 640 x 480
Name/Focal lenght/ Field of view PT-124: 9 mm lens FOV: 24°(H) x 20°(V)
PT-117: 13 mm lens FOV: 17°(H) x 14°(V)
PT-112: 19 mm lens FOV: 12°(H) x 10°(V)
PT-348: 9 mm lens - FOV: 48°(H) x 39°(V)
PT-334: 13 mm lens - FOV: 34°(H) x 28°(V)
PT-324: 19 mm lens - FOV: 24°(H) x 19°(V)
PT-313: 35 mm lens - FOV: 13°(H) x 10°(V)
PT-307: 65 mm lens - FOV: 7°(H) x 5°(V)
PT-304: 100 mm lens - FOV: 4.6°(H) x 3.7°(V)
PT-641: 21.5 mm lens FOV: 41°(H) x 33° (V)
PT-626: 35 mm lens FOV: 26° (H) x 21°(V)
Electronic zoom 2x 2x and 4x 2x and 4x

* 30 Hz NTSC or 25 Hz PAL available. Subject to approval of the US Department of Commerce for use outside the USA.

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