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Marine Marine Applications

      In the following application notes you can read how our customers are using FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras.  FLIR Systems markets a full product range for marine applications. Yachts, working boats, cruise ships and many other vessels can all benefit from the power of thermal imaging.

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NEVA thumb

  With a thermal imaging camera down the Neva
  The Neva River is an essential part of St. Petersburg's charm. Many generations of locals and visitors to the city have been completely enraptured by long, evening walks along the banks of the Neva during the city’s famous White Nights.


  Interview with Mr. Ferretti – Chairman of the Ferretti Group
  Mr. Ferretti talks about his experiences with a FLIR Systems thermal imaging camera on board of his personal yacht and shares his vision about the future of thermal imaging cameras on board of ships.


  Read about thermal imaging at BMW
  Thermal imaging technology is being used on board of yachts but also in cars. BMW offers thermal imaging cameras for driver vision enhancement in selected models. They deliberately chose for thermal imaging, also called passive infrared, instead of active infrared. 

See in total darkness
  Thermal imaging turns night into day
  Thermal imaging cameras produce a clear image in the darkest of nights. They have numerous maritime applications and can complement other equipment such as radar.


  Thermal imaging: ready to conquer the world  
  As thermal imaging cameras are becoming less expensive, they are being integrated in more and more products. Will there be a thermal imaging camera in every car, for every police officer, on every ship, in the near future?  


  Avoiding collisions in port and in open water
  Golden Bay Cement is New Zealand's largest cement manufacturing operation and ships products by sea to ports all over the pacific.  Read how the Navigator has improved safety and port navigation aboard their specialized vessels. 

* 30 Hz NTSC or 25 Hz PAL available. Subject to approval of the US Department of Commerce for use outside the USA.

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