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Thermal Imaging for Law Enforcement

Thermal Solutions for Every Law Enforcement Mission
FLIR Systems is the world's leading supplier of thermal imaging systems for law enforcement missions. We offer products to match any law enforcement mission whether it be in the air, on the water, or on the ground. Many different models and options are available to match your specific mission and budget.

Marine Thermal Imaging
FLIR Systems markets a full range of thermal imaging cameras for the most demanding marine applications. Our thermal imaging cameras are rapidly finding their way to pleasure craft and yachts, commercial vessels, work boats, fishing boats, cruise ships and many other types of vessels.Explore our products and find out how thermal imaging is a great asset on board your vessel.

Ground Law Enforcement
The FLIR Systems PathFindIR is a compact thermal imaging camera that significantly reduces the hazards of night time driving. Automotive Night Vision Systems enable drivers to detect and monitor potential hazards on or near the road, allowing more time to react to any potential danger.

* 30 Hz NTSC or 25 Hz PAL available. Subject to approval of the US Department of Commerce for use outside the USA.

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