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Thermal Imaging InfraRed Camera
Great features, great resolution at an affordable price!

At Under 2 pounds, this remarkable camera is no lightweight

FLIR B400 Features
Thermal Fusion Functionality
Interchangeable Optics
1.3 MegaPixel Visual Camera
Automatically Associates the Visual and Thermal JPEG Images
Includes FREE QuickReport Software for Analysis & Reporting
Compatible with Optional MicrosoftWord?-Based ThermaCAM
Reporter Software w/Spell Check
Removable SD/Memory Card, USB & Video Out
Onscreen Thumbnail Image Gallery
5 Temperature Spots & Delta T Functionality
Touch Screen Technology Adds Markers,Draws Sketches
Auto or Manual Focus with 8x Continuous Digital Zoom
Auto Hot/Cold Spot & Audible/Visual Alarms
Large 3.5Color Touch-screen LCD
High Thermal Sensitivity for Maximum Temperature Accuracy
Voice Annotation
Built-in LaserLocatIR
Long 4-hour Battery with In-Camera Charging or Car Charger
Optics head & display screen are independently rotatable for optimum viewing

Up To 5 Temperature Spots & Delta T Functionality
     Temperature difference is themost frequently usedmeasurement parameter for assessing the condition of electrical components and other plant assets. Accurate temperature difference information could determine if the color variation detected with the camera represents a normal operating condition or a problemthat is about to start a fire.

     The B400makes this information easy to see and communicate with the Delta Temperature mode. Just place a reference spot on a target operating at normal temperature and another on the target with elevated temperature. The Delta Temperature Function immediately displays the difference between these two targets on the imagemaking it easy for you to diagnose the severity of the problem. The image can then be stored with these measurements and incorporated into the report. Its the easiest and fastest way to diagnose and report your IR findings.

Auto Hot/Cold Spot
     & Audible/Visual Alarms Seeing the hottest or coldest spot on the thermal image is often a critical requirement. FLIRs advanced in-camera algorithmsmake this normally time-consuming task a breeze. You can even pre-set temperature triggers to sound audible or show visible alarms, and the advanced in-camera tools can identify overheating circuits,missing insulation, mechanical failures,water intrusion leaks and literallysound off to alert you to a potential problemwith the target you are scanning.
Easy One-Handed Use Tiltable Optics Reduce Back & Arm Strain
Holster for Portability and
Easy Access to Camera
Target Illuminator and
1.3 Mega Pixel Visual Camera
Tiltable Optics Reduces
Back and Arm Strain
Tiltable Optics Reduces Back and ArmStrain
Insulation Alarm
     The all new Insulation Alarm quickly determines the quality of insulation within walls, attics and other cavities, allowing you to determine whether or not insulation is performing within specifications.
Hot/Cold Spot & Visual Alarms
     Seeing the hottest or coldest spot on the thermal image is often a critical requirement. You can even pre-set temperature triggers to show visible alarms, and the advanced in-camera tools can identify overheating circuits, missing insulation, mechanical failures, and water intrusion leaks.
     FLIR's new FUSION functionality allows for easier identification and interpretation of infrared images. This advanced technology enhances the value of an infrared image by allowing you to overlay it directly over the corresponding visible image. This functionality combines the benefits of both the infrared image and visual picture at the push of a button. The B360 camera does this in real-time
and the overlay function can be easily adjusted to suit any application such as electrical surveys, building diagnostics, andmechanical inspections.

               Visual Image ofWall               Fusion Image Showing Missing Insulation                   Infrared Image

FLIR B400 Technical Specifications
Imaging Performance
Field of view/min focus distance 25° X 19° / 0.4 m (1.31 ft.)
Thermal sensitivity (NETD) 0.05°C @ +30° (+86°F) / 50mK
Detector Type Focal Plane Arrany (FPA) microbolometer
IR resolution 320 X 240
Spectral range 7.5 to 13 µm
Digital zoom and pan/focus 1-8X continuous/auto & manual focus
IFOV (with 25? lens) 1.36 mRad
Image Presentation
Image modes Thermal,Visual,Thermal Fusion
Thermal Fusion Merging of visible light and IR image (Interval, Above/Below)
FLIR Fusion Picture in Picture (PIP) resizable and movable
Image annotation Voice annotation (60 seconds)
Text from touch screen soft keys
Text from predefined list
Image markers on IR/Visual
Display Built-in touch-screen LCD display, 3.5 in.
Visible light camera resolution 1280 X 1024 (1.3 megapixels)
Video lamp 1000 cd
Temperature range -20°C to +120°C (-4°F to +248°F), optional up to +1200°C (2192°F)
Accuracy ±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading
Measurement modes 5 Spotmeters, 5 Box areas, Isotherm, Auto hot/cold spot
Alarms Audible/Visual alarms (above/below) on spotmeters, area boxes and difference temperature, 1 humidity alarm (includes dew point alarm), 1 insulation alarm
Set-up controls

Mode selector, color palettes (BW, BW inv, Iron, Rain), configure info to be
shown in image, local adaptation of units, language, date and time formats,
and image gallery

Emissivity table Emissivity list of predefined materials
Measurement corrections Reflected ambient temperature and emissivity correction
Image Storage
Digital storage/capacity Removable SD Memory Card/1000 + JPEGS
Image storage mode & formats IR/visible light, simultaneous storage of IR and visible light images, standard JPEG
Laser LocatIR
Classification/Type Class 2/Semiconductor AlGaInP Diode Laser: 1mW/635 nm (red)
Power Source
Battery type Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
Battery operating time 4 hours +
Battery charging 2 bay charging system, 10-16 V input. Charging status indicated by LED's
AC operation AC adapter, 90-260 VAC input. 12 V output to camera
Voltage 11-16 VDC
Power management Automatic shut down and sleep mode after settable time
Operating temperature range -15° C to +50° C (5° F to 122° F)
Storage temperature range -40° C to +70° C (-40° F to 158° F)
Humidity 95% relative humidity +25°C to +40°C (+77°F to +104°F) non condensing
Encapsulation IP 54, IEC 529
Shock 25G, IEC 68-2-29
Vibration 2G, IEC 68-2-6
Physical Characteristics
Weight 0.88 kg (1.94 lb.)
Size (L x W x H) 106 X 201 X 125 mm (4.2 X 7.9 X 4.9 in.),with lens pointing forward
Tripod mounting 1/4" - 20
USB (cable included) Image transfer to PC
Video output NTSC Video

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